Lee Carter

Lee has had extensive experience in the hospitality and property management world. Starting his career in hospitality management, and working with some lead hotels, he ventured towards property management. He most recently worked for a leading property management company in Canada, where he managed over 900 apartments units, 12 apartment buildings and a team of 25 people.

He and his wife are currently developing a 200-unit high-rise apartment building in Kitchener, Ontario, where he will take this experience and knowledge from both the hospitality industry and property management industry, along with the systems he has utilized to create a brand and culture that people will want to live and work in. Lee devotes his time to creating an environment where a tenant can call a place a home and where an owner can rest knowing their property is in good hands.

 Melissa Carter

With over 6 years working with Southbridge Health Care Limited Partnership, Melissa assisted key senior management in developing and managing multiple projects at varying stages of development. Southbridge is in the middle of 4 major new LTC buildings. With a total construction budget of $100,000,000, Melissa was the lead communicator with major stakeholders in the project including the Ministry of Long-Term Care as well as multiple municipalities where they have projects. Melissa worked alongside the Construction Manager and Architect to create successful projects. Additionally, she managed many mid-sized capex projects with the older Long Term Care homes across the province. Recently, she has obtained her Certified Associate Project Manager (CAPM) Designation through the Project Management Institute. Melissa and Lee are currently developing a 200-unit high-rise apartment building in Kitchener, Ontario.